Formula for derailing the Chris Johnson Experience

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The formula for the Steelers Defense shutting down the Chris Johnson Experience come high noon (central time) in Nashville;

1. Play gap-sound front 7 with shoulders square to the line of scrimmage.

2. Throttle-it-up-or-down with triangulation so as not to over-run Johnson on the cut-back.

3. Hit’em. Every chance you get, put the whack to him. Get him on the ground in numbers and take your time getting up. Lay on ’em until he protests. Getting hit hard and often tends to soften…it’s called “marinating the meat.”

The formula for the Steelers Offense contributing to shutting down the Johnson Express;

1. Possess the ball…you got it, he don’t.

2. Stay ahead of the sticks and the scoreboard. Take a lesson from the “Road Runner” cartoon and Wile E Coyote.The last thing you want to do is get in a track meet with Johnson. A good run/pass ratio that allows you to pick and choose rather than be dictated to is essential.

3. No turnovers…turnovers kill at any time but especially on the road in a loud stadium that tends to swell in volume when they smell blood. Minimizing negative plays keeps from igniting the crowd. Loud crowds mean silent count and with a rookie center and two new starters on the offensive line probable, not to mention only a 3rd start at QB for Dennis Dixon, you want to minimize confusion.

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