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Aaron Smith

I saw Aaron Smith in the post-game Miami locker room and from his facial expression I knew it was bad news. We kibitzed a bit, and then Aaron headed off to face the media. No, his season isn’t officially done, but the weight of his…

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NFL Backed Into a Corner?

Has the NFL backed itself into a corner after laying down the law with the fines and throwing out the possibility of handing out suspensions?Especially after not coming out and saying definitively of the three big hits over the weekend which one(s) were deemed…

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Looking at the Hits

If you look at all three hits that got fined by the NFL, it goes like this in my humble opinion. Brandon Meriweather on Todd Heap. Should be penalized and fined. A possible suspension because it had all the elements involved. Defenseless receiver, launching and leading with…

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