Steelers versus The Real McCoy

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Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini sounded like he might be doing Halloween a little early and “whistling past the graveyard” while dispensing info on who will take a stab at quarterbacking the Browns when they travel to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been on a team that’s started a rookie QB, but it will be easy,” Coach Eric Mangini said during his news conference Monday, tongue firmly planted in cheek. “It’s the Steelers, right? They’re coming off of a bye week and they don’t blitz much.

Of course Eric Mangini was referring to Colt McCoy, the rookie quarterback of the Browns who gets to step into the limelight and get his first NFL start.

Yeah, Mangini definitely had the tongue burrowed deep into the cheek. Like a tick on a hound. Especially when you take into account that the last Browns rookie QB to start against the Steelers was Charlie Frye who did his imitation of a tree on Arbor Day and got planted in the sod 8 times in a 41-0 loss back in 2005. And Frye had several starts under his belt before he tangoed with the Steelers.

I understand Mangini has no choice in the matter. High and low ankle sprains are currently the “Injury du jour” of the veteran Cleveland QB’s. Ready or not, the Browns are going to find out if they’ve got “The Real McCoy.”

“Sometimes opportunity knocks and if you get that opportunity, you’ve got to be ready to seize it.” Mangini said.

If opportunity comes knocking disguised as James Harrison, the seizing part could get a little ugly.