Answering the Steeler Addicts Questions.

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The good folks at the Steeler Addicts web site asked their readers to submit questions for me to answer. I hope they are happy with my response and make sure you check out their site and follow them on facebook, twitter and myspace.

Below is the lead-off Q&A. The link to read the full interview is listed below. Enjoy!

[SA:] What differences do you see from the Steelers now and the Steelers from when you played in the league?Craig Wolfley Steeler Addicts Interview

[Wolfley:] The league in general and the Steelers in particular have changed a great deal…and then not at all. Call me John Kerry and cover me with butter and syrup for that giant waffle.

Players have changed, that’s a given. Not just in physical dimensions but in attitude.

Money has become a factor to a degree. Guys go home in the off-season more, not that they didn’t in the past, but many guys fly elsewhere on weekends. We used to get together at each other’s homes.

But talking into the Steelers locker room today, it’s like a time warp. You still have the frat mentality, there’s clubhouse leaders, and quiet guys. The Steelers are a special group because they really care about each other. But that attitude has its roots from the early days when the Chief roamed the locker room, told you stories, and told you not to be a “Big shot.” There is a sense and spirit of humbleness that pervades from the Chief to this day.

In the past, players from different teams didn’t socialize with each other, due to free agency, there is almost a fraternal attitude that pervades the league. It’s not bad, just different.

There is a different mentality about injuries. I come from the old school of play that unless something is sticking out of the skin at a right angle, you do your job and play. This was because I idolized Mike Webster, Jon Kolb and Larry Brown. They set the standard. So you want to be the same. Now many players don’t play with the injuries we used to and probably that’s a good thing.

Bottom line is they will be healthier when they leave the game.
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