Patriots vs. Steelers | Post Game Wrap-up (Podcast)

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Coach Tomlin referred to the Patriots as a scalded unit coming into Heinz Field. Now, the Steelers are the scalded unit that the Raiders will face next Sunday at the big ketchup bottle after the Patriots marched in to town with a chip on their shoulder and lots of bullets in the rifle.  The rifle being one Tom Brady who now hold a 6-1 record against the steelers.  Today we talk about all that went wrong, the mounting injuries and what the future holds.

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Podcast: (16 Minutes)

– Host Craig Wolfley w/producer sidekick Andrew “Herschel” Venezie ad the Boss David Sedelmeier

Talking Points:
– Injuries affect production
– Pre-Game Playoff Feel turned to Fizzle
– Brady Sliced, Diced Very Precise
– the NFL doesn’t wait. 24 hours to lick wonds
– The wisodm of Chuck Noll and his pool.