A Little Dab’ll Do You

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Merry Christmas everybody! I hope everybody had a great weekend and remembered “the Reason for the Season.”

Now to get a little “Grinch-like.”

I have to revisit the Jet-Steelers game of two weeks ago at Heinz Field.

I’m still trying to get into my gourd how referee Pete Morelli fumbled his flag three times in the first half. Three times?

I have spent the last nine years walking NFL stadium sidelines watching refs, coaches, etc. and I am unable to explain the three drops.

I’ve never seen Bill Cowher drop an inadvertant red flag. Mike Tomlin must have the surest hands in the world because he’s never dropped the red flag unintentionally that I’ve seen.

Think about it. NFL coaches don’t practice throwing the flag. There’s no coaches clinic to show the proper technique to carry a red snot rag. Yet they don’t seem to be tumbling out of 32 pockets at an alarming rate around the country during games. 

I get it that refs occassionally bupkus a flag or two over the course of a season. And they do on rare occassions pick up a flag that one of their compadres over-rules them on. But three drops in a half qualifies for the Guiness Book of Records people to review the game tape.

I’m not sure what to make of it. It kind’a bugs me in my gullet. Could be too much Figgy pudding though.

Maybe the NFL shouldn’t have come down so harshly on the old Raiders cornerback Lester Hayes and all his tacky goo he used to coat his hands with, which would horrify all the wide receivers he played against. Lester gave a new meaning to the phrase “covering a wideout.”

John Stallworth used to look like somebody pulled a code-red and smeared peanut butter (smooth) all over him after a game against the Raiders. Either that or John had the runniest nose ever.

Of course the NFL banned Lester’s tacky goo.

That’s a shame because in retrospect, Pete Morelli could’a used a dab or two. Anyone got Lester on their speed dial?