Where’s the common sense?

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Egregious is a word that’s been bandied about the NFL these days to describe some of the hits and thusly the follow up fines handed down by NFL Grand Poo-Bah Ray Anderson.

On the same weekend as the Jets Sal Alosi participated in “Knee-gate” and got a suspension and a $25,000 fine, another more”egregious” foul occurred on the same day, same sort’a instance but different participants. And only garnered a $15,000 fine.

Youtube the Carolina Panthers starting DE Tyler Brayton and his hit while coming off the bench to lambaste Atalanta Falcons gunner Chris Owens.

This is a cowardly act. One that should have brought with it a suspension. Just like Alosi.

Brayton moves with obvious intention to whack Owens with his whole body, not just trying to get a little rub with a knee.

C’mon Ray, where’s the common sense?