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Yeah, i’m an admitted Reynolds Wrapper. I “see” conspiracies all around. It’s fun.

Just so everyone understands, no good conspiracy can be had without rays boinking off your gourd. Hence the aluminum foil wrapped around the noggin. Works like a charm.

So when i say, does anyone find it interesting that no one seems to be talking about Ravens lineman Chris Chester “firing out” at James Harrison on a FG attempt or extra point, whatever it was, as curious?

Could that be a fineable offense? The NFL is all about protecting players. Does that mean all players, not just WR’s, QB’s and RB’s? Does anybody wonder if that was a deliberate attempt to whack James Harrison. Was there not intent on the part of Chester to do a little damage? Was that Chester’s own idea? I’m not saying…I’m just saying.

In all my years of playing and broadcasting, i can only remember one instance where a player fired off the line of scrimmage on a FG or extra point. That was years ago, and my buddy, Tunch Ilkin was the culprit.

Back in the day we had a bitter rivalry going with the Houston Oilers. Robert Lyles was a smack talking lb’er with the Oilers and Tunch had a few entaglements with Lyles. So on an extra point he adjudicated a little frontier justice. On his own, not with intent to injure, but intent on lighting Lyles up. 

Was Chester trying to do similar? Some might think so…

Duct tape anyone?