More Steelers Life Lessons

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Mike Tomlin is the consummate Head Coach, on and off the field. Nothing misses his attention when it comes to preparation, execution and conduct in all facets of his professional football players life. And the correctable moments they bring.

Immediately after the final gun sounded the end of the game in Baltimore, I caught up with the man who caught the game winner, Isaac Redman. I interviewed Isaac for the Steelers Radio Network and then headed up the tunnel at M&T Bank stadium to head into the locker room after it opened to the press.

Mike Tomlin stood outside the Steelers locker room waiting to close it up and talk with his team. Mike greets each player as they leave the field and head into the locker room.  Mike was getting impatient, and waiting for two players to finish up interviews who were still on the field. The two were James Harrison and Isaac Redman.

Usually only the Harrison’s, the Wards and Roethlisbergers and Polamalu’s are still on the field that long due to TV people doing their deal, and because of their star status and press responsibilities are granted some sort of clemency. Isaac, because of his game winner, was suddenly in demand. After several minutes, Isaac came walking up the tunnel ahead of James. Noticing Coach Tomlin impatiently waiting at the door to the locker room, Isaac picked up his pace.

Coach Mike spied Isaac, told Isaac to move it and barked, “You gott’a make more plays than that if you want to stay on the field with Deebo!”

Another life lesson moment with Coach Mike!