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Learning On The Job

Critical lessons are learned on the job every day. My grandpa had a construction company. My job as a teenager on one particular job site was to knock the old mortar off bricks that were to be re-used in a building project. Because I didn’t…

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Hines Ward DWTS

I enjoy watching athletes compete on a stage other than the one they are pro’s in. To see highly skilled dudes put themselves on the line competing in a foreign venue is entertaining viewing to me, no matter what the format is.   So tuning in Hines Ward…

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Indoor Nascar On 32 Feet

Welcome everybody to the inaugural game tonight of the Pittsburgh Power, the Arena Football League team here in the ‘burgh. Folks, i must tell you that this is condensed football, micro-waved and packaged to provide the fans with a close-up real time look at professional…

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“But Can You Stop Us?”

I was hanging out at the White Fields dinner at “The Priory” last week and many ex-players were in for the dinner. One of my former teammates, the legendary tackle Jon Kolb was in attendance. Jon was reminiscing about the Steelers-Browns game from my…

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