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I find it amusing to see what NFL players are doing with their down time while being locked out by the owners. If you’ve been following the Hines Ward odyssey as he attempts to take home the DWTS trophy, you’ve seen a number of retired and active Steelers sitting in the stands cheering on Hines.

Some players have found a way to better themselves and take up a little community work to fill in the gaps. Denver safety Daveid Bruton is substitute teaching in his hometown and i got to think the kids love it.

Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski has turned to his other passion in life, boxing and Chad Ochocinco has taken a stab at soccer and bull riding.

Whatever you might want to say about Chad’s judgement, he earned that $10,000 by coming out of the chutes with a bull named Deja Blu.

When i was down at the Super bowl this past year Tunch Ilkin and i went to see some pro cowboys (real cowboys, not the ones with the star on their helmets) ride bulls, bucking horses, and lasso some steer while filming for Steelers TV.

I was given the opportunity to sit on the back of a 1500 lb bull in the chute, and i can tell you that there is no way no how i’d be clinging to the back of that bull (named Sixburgh) if the chutes opened. Just sitting in the gate, and having that critter move around sort’a banging you a little into the rails, you could feel the raw power of the beast twitching like he was ready to go.

As a matter of fact as i sat on the back of Sixburgh, i began to wonder what it must be like to come screaming out of the chute with 10,000 people in the stands cheering, and the bull snorting and bucking. While i was mulling over those thoughts, i was jolted back to reality when it crossed my mind that a great “got’cha” would be to open the gate on a buddy while he was sitting on Sixburgh, say a good friend like maybe….Tunch Ilkin? 

It was at this point i stopped day-dreaming and whipped around looking for my friend. Sure enough, there he was, in the arena standing next to the gate with his hand on the latch grinning with an evil twinkle in his eye.

I yelled “No you don’t Tunch Ilkin! Take your hand off the latch amd step back from the gate!”

I hate when your best buddy out-got’chas your got’cha…or something like that.