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Plaxico Burress

So just this morning Plaxico Burress signed on with the Jets. I can’t help but think that Bruce Arians had a little indigestion at breakfast. The thought of adding Plax to a WR quartet of Ward, Wallace, Sanders and Brown had to be very…

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Fire Down Below

Every camp has it’s own unique twist to it. For instance there was the “Purge of ’84” where the battle cry was “You can’t make the club in the tub” (meaning that there were too many injuries and guys were getting cut because of it) to…

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Sanity;Where Have You Been?

I remember walking into the locker room at Saint Vincent’s College the day after a particular vicious two-a-day practice the day before. It was already suffocating humidity wise and it wasn’t even 9:00 am yet. I knew from looking at the mountains surrounding Saint…

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Pillage, Then Burn

 GREAT! We’re back in business! Finally something to talk about other than CBA issues. Okay, with all the rigamarole of the CBA about to vamanos on outt’a here for the next decade we can all get back to what we enjoy most. Watching the…

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