James Harrison and Squatting

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James Harrison has been a monster for a long time. After suffering through two back surgeries in the off-season i learned up at training camp he had been squatting with a barbell on his back with 315lbs. Way below what i know him to be capable of.

What bothered me about that is James’ whole game is centered around his phenomenal lower body strength. His ability to get “under and up” and use his buit-in leverage to turn the corner on guys over 100lbs heavier than him. Or bull rush them straight into the lap of the quarterback. You could see it out on the field, he lacked the “signature” explosive jump in his legs that is his trademark.

During his time off to recover from eye bone surgery Tunch happened by the weight room down at the Steelers World Wide headquarters and saw James squatting with 405lbs like it was an empty bar. I had my hopes up that we would see a return of James Harrison as we expect to see James Harrison, physically dominant, relentless in pursuit.

I carefully watched as Harrison took the field for warm-ups before the Ravens game. It was obvious just from the size of his hamhocks that the man had his strength back. And it showed out on the field.

Three sacks, eight tackles, eight quarterback hits and a forced fumble.

Now that’s what you call “Playing to your strengths.” His strength as a player is his strength.