Sending a Message?

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After reviewing tape from the season opening loss to the “Angry Birds” otherwise known as the Baltimore Ravens the total went something like this according to the research of Tunch Ilkin.

On 26 run plays, Casey Hampton got cut/chop blocked 8 times. Defensive end Aaron Smith got whacked 4 times. Since that game the cut block has gone the way of 8-track tapes. For the Ravens offensive line, it has virtually dried up as an offensive weapon.

So what are the Steelers to make of the fact that the cut block, used so effectively in the first go-round against the Steelers defensive line, apparently was something reserved only for them? When you review game video of the Ravens against other teams, there’s nary a cut/chop block amongst them. So what can you read off of this?

The Ravens were sending a message. The message was simple, and to the point. Game on, and it’s no-holds barred. We’ve had an acid-drip in our stomach since the game ended in last year’s divisional playoffs and we are coming after you. It’s gonna get nasty. We will ask no quarter, nor will we offer any quarter.

Whenever i try to understand and evaluate situations such as this, i always go back to my playing days. Draw from personal experience. I’ve “sent a message,” and i’ve had a “message sent to me.” I get it.

This is a two-chinstrap, bring some duct tape, hunker-down-dawg, pier six brawl with a start time and a finish time. I for one, can’t wait for 8:20 sunday night. Actually, 8:21 to be more specific.