Feeling the “Brees” and Ruffling Feathers

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Drew Brees had himself a fine night in the “Big Easy” on Monday Night Football. Drew blew away Dan Marino’s 27-year old single season passing yards record with a 4-touchdown, 307 yard effort in a 45-16 rout of the Atlanta Falcons. An effort which, shall we say, ruffled a few “feathers” in the post-game Falcons locker room.

Some of the Falcons players were upset that with a big lead and the game decided, New Orleans kept the pedal to the metal and kept rolling up the passing yardage so that Brees could break the record at home.

Charles Henry Noll was a big believer in good sportsmanship and proper conduct. Balanced as always with hard-hitting football and whipping your opponent. But in a situation like that, i already know what he would say.

“I didn’t see anybody waving the white flag of surrender on the other sideline.”