The One You Gott’a Have

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There are four guys that have a chance to play this weekend after sitting out last week versus the Rams. Maurkice Pouncey, Ben Roethlisberger, Lamar Woodley and Manny Sanders.

If i had a choice to select just one of those guys that i thought was indispensible this weekend it would have to be Maurkice Pouncey.

All you gott’a do is flip on the film of the Cleveland Browns defense. In the middle of the Browns line, Ahtayba Rubin and Phil Taylor are a two-man demolition team blowing things up with regularity. Taylor, being a rookie, has been known to take a powder on some plays. But as he matures throughout his freshman season he’s been “getting it” and understanding what it takes to play in this big boy league.

Trai Essex did a fine job last week sitting in for Maurkice. But the Rams didn’t pressure Trai with a nosetackle to commiserate his day. And the Rams don’t have any barn-busters like Rubin or Taylor lining up in the trenches. The Rams just off-set their nose (lining up on an angle), leaving Trai with good blocking angles and a relatively safe “block back” or able to recieve help from another offensive lineman.

So if i have a choice, here’s hoping that Pouncey gets back in the line-up this week.