Craig Wolfley Podcast w/ guests Justin Thomas & Dale Wolfley | 03-13-14

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March 13, 2014

“Kettlebells and Younger Brothers”

Former Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman and now broadcaster Craig Wolfley podcasts on news from the Steelers, the NFL and the sports world at large, with the occasional odd story thrown in.  Craig and his co-host/producer Frank Murgia are often joined by current and former NFL players and other guests.

Craig’s guests this episode are Justin Thomas from the Pittsburgh Sports Performance Center and Craig’s youngest brother, Dale Wolfley, legendary WVU offensive lineman and now WVU Football’s Broadcast Analyst.



  • Justin Thomas from Instinct Fitness, former law enforcement officer
  • Russian Kettlebells – low cost utility training
  • Working the ropes – sprinting for your arms
  • The Burpies – aka the “Sissy Test”
  • Old School training is becoming new again
  • Sandbag training – like lifting an unweildly child
  • Justin’s 30-Day Personal Training Experince
  • Kettlebell Competitions
  • How Justin went from policeman to personal trainer
  • Brother to Brother: Craig gets his younger brother Dale on the phone
  • Dale Wolfley, WVU Football Analyst, former WVU offensive lineman and Fiesta Bowl Champ
  • Dale covers new WVU recruits,  Aliquippa’s Dravon Henry, Rushel Shell and Jaleel Fields
  • WVU’s QB controversy: Clint Trickett, Paul Millard and Skyler Howard
  • OLB Edward Muldrow – long & lean
  • Airing the ball out: pass-first vs. run-first
  • Tom Bradley joining the WVU coaching staff, working D-line
  • When Tom and Joe Paterno tried to recruit Dale to Penn State 27 years ago.
  • News from Down Under: Australian python swallows a crocodile…

If you are interested in Kettlebell training with Justin, call him at Instinct Fitness in Bridgeville, Pa – 412-475-0312.  Visit for more info.

Justin Thomas of Instinct Fitness

Double the Wolfley, Double the Trouble – Craig gets his younger brother Dale on the phone…

Dale Wolfley, former WVU football star and WVU Broadcast Analyst

Python vs. Crocodile – this really happened!

After a four hour fight, the python ate the croc...


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