Craig Wolfley Podcast w/ “The Chief” Interviews from the Steelers Cruise | 03-20-2014

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March 20, 2014

“Q & A with ‘The Chief’ LIVE from the Steelers Cruise”

Former Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman and now broadcaster Craig Wolfley podcasts on news from the Steelers, the NFL and the sports world at large, with the occasional odd story thrown in.  Craig and his co-host/producer Frank Murgia are often joined by current and former NFL players and other guests.

Craig’s guests this episode – LIVE from the Steelers Cruise – are actor Tom Atkins, who portrays the iconic Steelers founder Art Rooney, Sr. in the play and film “The Chief” written by Gene Collier and Rob Zellers, who are also guests on the program.


  • The origins of “The Chief”
  • Tom Atkins: “‘The Chief’ should be required viewing for all Steelers rookies and players.”
  • How Tom prepared to play The Chief
  • Art Rooney’s respect for and from his players
  • How Gene and Rob collected stories from the Rooney family to write the script
  • Audiences’ reactions to “The Chief”
  • The Rooney family’s reactions to “The Chief”
  • Life lessons from The Chief, making everyone feel important
  • Tom reacting to seeing people in the crowd: Myron Cope & Jim Leyland
  • How the setting for The Chief came about
  • The accuracy of Tom Atkins as The Chief
  • The longevity of the stage production of The Chief
The Chief Movie
Gene Collier
Follow these fine folks involved in the inaugural Steelers Cruise
Leadership League

L to R: Tom Atkins, Rob Zellers, Gene Collier, Craig Wolfley


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