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    Sending a Message?

    On November 5, 2011 By

    After reviewing tape from the season opening loss to the “Angry Birds” otherwise known as the Baltimore Ravens the total went something like this according to the research of Tunch Ilkin.

    On 26 run plays, Casey Hampton got cut/chop blocked 8 times. Defensive end Aaron Smith got whacked 4 times. Since that game the cut […]

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      Poking the Bear

      On November 2, 2011 By

      Mike Tomlin at his weekly press conference;

      “They’re the best in the world right now. Needless to say it’s cause for concern. I’m not ready to put us in the conversation with the Baltimore Ravens defense. We aren’t close in terms of what they are doing-maybe statistically, but not the way the’re generating splash plays.”


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        Well, this is the week. After the beating Baltimore gave to the Steelers when the Ravens smoked the Steelers 35-7 in the season opener the opportunity for redemption is finally here. That loss to the Ravens kick-started a 2-2 opening month of the season. Since then Steelers have ripped off 4 straight wins and are […]

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          One-Man Tsunami

          On October 29, 2011 By

          Vince Wilfork is a dominant player. Standing just 6’2″ but packing a reported 325 pounds (FYI, i’m guessing he’s closer to 400lbs than his listed weight of 325) of beef-a-lo in his Patriots uniform, the guy is a run-game stuffer. He may look like 10lbs of potatoes packed into a 5lb sack in his uni, […]

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            Brady Rules of the Game

            On October 28, 2011 By

            The New England Patriots passing game is lethal. Everybody knows it, and everybody tries to do something about it, most ending in futility. I’ve spent a week watching tape on the Patriots

            The rules of the game, so to speak, of beating Tom Brady include;

            1. Possess the football, keep Brady on the bench. (Score […]

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              Synergy, Chuck Noll Style

              On October 27, 2011 By

              When you look at the Patriots offensive line, some curious observations can be made. They appear to operate opposite of what other lines in the NFL do.

              On pass plays they are very aggressive in their short sets, engaging opposing defenders quickly even when there is no play-action. They “set-short” and make it a phone […]

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                Get a Stopwatch

                On October 26, 2011 By

                In last years loss to the Patriots 39-26, the Pats blitzed (if the stats compiled by Greg Bedard are accurate) Ben Roethlisberger on average, nearly every other throw. In Ben’s first 6 throws, the Patriots blitzed him 6 times, twice sending 6 guys. This kind’a pressure produced 4 sacks, 12 hurries and 3 knockdowns.

                Maybe […]

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                  Mike Tomlin

                  On October 20, 2011 By

                  “We are going to remain focused on the minute details of our assignments, we are going to try to play within the scheme, we are going to play real hard.” (Mike Tomlin)

                  The Steelers are sitting at 4-2, with a defense that has created just two takeaways. One fumble recovery, one interception. Not exactly where […]

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                    The importance of getting a win on first down for an offense was underscored in the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. A win on first down is a basic building block for having a successful offense.

                    In the first half the Steelers had 13 1st and 10 opportunities. Five of those were wins (4-yards or […]

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                      Chris Hoke

                      On October 13, 2011 By

                      One of the guys that punched in a teriffic gameday performance was Steelers NT Chris Hoke. I gabbed with Hokie after the game, and we started talking about the first play from scrimmage, when Chris Johnson laid a fast 21-yard gain on the Steelers.

                      “Bro, i was panicking!” Hokie said laughing, because he got cut […]

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                        No Sacred Cows

                        On October 12, 2011 By

                        After listening to Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin talk at his press conference, i came away with the distinct impression that Mike is not a believer in the old adage “A starter can’t lose his job because of injury.”

                        Listening to his words,and his demeanor while discussing Chris Kemoeatu, Rashard Mendenhall and Bryant McFadden left […]

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