Classic Mr. Rooney

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One of the real gentleman of the game and a man that I truly admire is Dan Rooney. He is a unique personality. Mr. Rooney (and I still address him as such) seamlessly combines strength of character and leadership with a gentle humbleness not often found in the world of professional football.

So when I saw Mr. Rooney in the Giants press box before the game, I wasn’t surprised. He almost always stops in to chat (or “loaf,” in his words) with the press guys. After saying hello, I moved on. When i returned to the area, I noticed Mr. Rooney was gone. I was a little surprised, he usually hangs out a little longer than that. Then I found out why.

Apparently an over eager attendant in the press box, not knowing who Mr. Rooney was, insisted Mr. Rooney leave the press box because he didn’t have the proper credentials. Mr. Rooney, ever the gentleman, politely did just as he was asked.

After the attendant returned to his post after escorting Mr. Rooney to his seat in the owners box, the attendant asked Bob Labriola, editor of Steelers Digest, who that was.

Bob replied something to the effect that it was “Mr. Rooney, not only the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the United States Ambassador to Ireland.”

The attendant was speechless. Classic Mr. Rooney.

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