Moose and Trai Essex
(Steelers Training Camp Blog 2010)

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Last week on our show “In the Lockerroom with Tunch and Wolf” we were broadcasting from training camp. One of my family members, Dean Rutan is known as “Moose,” or “Uncle Moose” to my kids because he’s a pretty big dude. Well Moose came up to visit and was hanging out with me and Tunch while we did the show. One of our guests that day happened to be massive Steelers offensive guard Trai Essex.

As I introduced Moose to Trai after the interview, the 6’5″ 330lb Trai shook hands with 6’3″, 260 lb Dean and then asked “Why do they call you Moose?”

We all broke up laughing. It’s all a matter of perspective, I guess.

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