Maurkice Pouncey

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Standing on the sidelines is the best view you can get at a game. During the Giants pre-season game, i started to spend a lot of time watching the Steelers first round draft choice Maurkice Pouncey. Everybody knows this young man has got all the tools to be a great lineman. A highly respected defensive lineman told me himself that he thinks Pouncey could be a Pro Bowl guy by year three.

Maurkice played well in the Giants game, manhandled some dudes, got caught once on a delayed dog rush from off that caught him napping, which resulted in a pressure. When a guy gets beat, how does he respond? Maurkice said to me after the game that he got honked off at giving up that pressure so “The next guy got it.” Good attitude.

After Big Ben threw an INT, Maurkice got into cover mode and got tangled up with Giants DT Barry Cofield. Whenever there’s an INT, it’s keep your head on a swivel time because it’s a jail break for the defensive guys as they get to come after the offensive guys with full vengeance in mind. Maurkice grabbed Cofield by his shoulder pads and the back of his helmet and gave him a face full of artificial turf. Okay, he’s not shy about mixing it up.

In the second half Pouncey hobbled over to the side lines and dropped to the ground right next to me holding his leg after Anthony Wright went in for a score. Looked to me like he caught a helmet there, so i’m thinking let’s see if the youngster will cop a plea or cowboy up. Maurkice made like John Wayne and didn’t miss a snap. Okay, he’s a tough guy.

After the game was over I interviewed Maurkice for the Steelers Radio Network right on the field moments after the final gun. Maurkice was a total gentleman, and a real pro. No folks, I think this young buck has got it all.

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