James Harrison and the One-Armed Pushup (Steelers Training Camp Blog – 2010)

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How strong is strong? Try this on for size.

Do several one-armed pushups. Then do it with shoulder pads and a helmet on. Then, while doing rapid fire one-armed pushups continuously, have a couple mischievious friends lift your feet about 3 feet into the air and keep on doing them as if you were doing two-armed pushups.

That’s what I witnessed today while watching the Steelers practice on the Southside. James Harrison, dressed in full battle regalia, dropped in the middle of the practice field and started doing one-armed pushups. Then after cranking out a half-dozen or so reps Larry Foote and Keyaron Fox snuck up from behind and grabbed the Silverback’s ankles lifting his feet waist high. James never missed a beat and did another six or seven reps as easy as could be.

As one of the Steelers assistant coaches wryly observed, “He ain’t all there.”

Now that’s strong.

Every time I see James Harrison, it seems he does the incredible. Whether it’s crumpling 6’6″ 350 lb OT’s on the way to the QB, or intercepting a ball and hurdling a player at a full gallop, or returning it 100-yards like in the Super Bowl, James does more physically impressive things than any player I’ve ever seen, played with or against. And that includes close encounters of the 3rd kind with Lawrence Taylor, Reggie White, Howie Long and Randy White.

If there was a Lee Majors “Six-Million Dollar Man” in the NFL, it’s the Silverback.

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