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The One You Gott’a Have

There are four guys that have a chance to play this weekend after sitting out last week versus the Rams. Maurkice Pouncey, Ben Roethlisberger, Lamar Woodley and Manny Sanders. If i had a choice to select just one of those guys that i thought…

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Hope in Action

Would you have pulled Ben out of the fire when it was a three-score game in’Frisco? This was the question posed to me while on air and a subject worthy of some thought and discussion. My answer is a simple no. Not if he…

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Huddle Tempo

In and out of the huddle is a term i heard from Steelers head coach Chuck Noll time and again. Increase the tempo, pick up the pace or just flat out “Move it!” are other short quips i’ve heard used to describe the importance…

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Here We Go Again

After viewing the James Harrison hit on Colt McCoy in live time from the sidelines, the first thought i had was “Here we go again.” And i’m convinced that i’m right. James will hear from the Commish, no doubt and to no one’s suprise….

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